About Us

So you understand that corporations and large special interest groups have hijacked our government. It is our mission to methodically lay out exactly how our government has been corrupted by the oligarchs in Washington D.C. We’re just a couple of nerds doing our small part to tell the truth about what is really happening in Washington, and the rest of the world. McClure’s Revenge is about combating the constant lies and smears brought on by the Main Stream Media.

Back in the early 1900s McClure’s magazine hit the scene. It was the first time in American history when the media really started exposing corruption.  America has always had a huge appetite for outlets that expose corruption. McClure’s magazine was the leading “muckraker” of their day, and is a huge inspiration for this website. They exposed the monopoly power of Standard Oil, U.S Steel, and other gigantic corporations. As an homage to the late great McClure’s magazine, we call ourselves McClure’s Revenge with the hope that we can bring back the muckraking spirit of McClure’s. Join Us!!!!!


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