A Short Summary of How a Progressive President was Overthrown in Bolivia

by: Chris Weber

Who is Evo Morales?

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  • Evo Morales was President in Bolivia from 2006 – 2019.
  • He was the Country’s first indigenous president.
  • Nationalized fuel industry to pay for social policies
  • Increased minimum wage by 50%
  • Extreme poverty in Bolivia dropped from 38% to 17%
  • Reelected in November 2019 to serve a fourth term as President

The Organization of American States or (OAS) is an organization to promote economic, military, and cultural cooperation among countries in the western hemisphere. They monitored the Bolivian election in November 2019 to make sure the results were legitimate. The OAS mislead the world by saying the election results in November 2019 were not Legitimate.

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Since then, Evo Morales has been forced to flee the country by the Bolivian military, and now lives in Mexico. Jeanine Anez of Bolivia’s far-right party was sworn in as the acting President of Bolivia. She has since authorized the police and military to use violence to quell protests of the military coup d’état.   

The OAS Has No Evidence to Back Their Claims

The OAS has alleged that Morales cheated to win a fourth term. You would think they have a list of the people involved, and the mechanism of how Morales rigged the election. Unfortunately, they have no idea how the rigging happened. All they can point to is inconsistencies in an unofficial vote count.

Bolivia has two vote-counting systems, but only one is legally binding. The vote count in question was from the vote count that wasn’t legally binding. The official count takes longer and is more precise. There were no inconsistencies found in the official count.

The OAS claims that after counting 83.85% of the votes, there was a “hard to explain change in trend” of the votes. Morales wound up winning the election by over a 10% margin blocking a secondary vote from occurring.  

The Bolivian Constitution requires that a candidate win the election by 10%. If a candidate does not win by 10% there is a second round of voting.

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A study by the Center for Economic Policy and Research proves the change in trend was NOT hard to explain. The change in trend of the votes can be mathematically explained! It makes more sense when looking at the demographics of the remaining votes left to be counted. The remaining areas contained a lot of poor indigenous people who would be expected to vote for Morales.  

The only evidence the OAS had has been completely debunked! President Trump, our legislative branch, and the media all support the overthrow of Morales. It is a dark day in the world when a president that worked for middle class people gets overthrown by a bunch of right-wing corporatists. Every time a nation decides to nationalize its oil and gas, they somehow end up being destroyed by the military industrial complex. We must all stand up against the denial that Evo Morales legitimately won this election, and deserves to be the president of the Bolivian people.

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