Save Rural New Jersey!

Roughly five-hundred seventy acres of rural New Jersey is at risk for large scale industrial development. A recent proposal by developer Jandil Land Co. would see that seven new warehouses are built along local route 519 in White Township. The owner, David Jaindl, claims that 75 percent would be developed for warehouses and the rest for manufacturing. The project details at least seven massive warehouses totaling over six million square feet and could take up to decades to complete. If building is permitted there will be an adverse effect on the community, both natural and residential. 

The plan outlines development along the Delaware River, which will endanger local wildlife. Over five-hundred acres of indigenous animal populations can be killed or relocated, one, in particular, is the protected Bald Eagle. The physical devastation along with an increase in pollution levels will not bode well for the natural populace.

Local residents will also face problems of their own if development is allowed to begin. The Institute of Traffic Engineers estimate that nearly 2,600-23,000 trucks will pass through the area each day. This will lead to worsening road conditions and possibly higher taxes to pay for road repairs. 

Luckily, members of the township have begun to fight back against the warehouse project. A grassroots movement, Citizens for Sustainable Development, has championed the battle. With their support over seven hundred signatures have been gathered to present to the township. The petition would seek to change the zoning code so industrial development is off-limits on the large plot of land. 

An attorney for Jaindl Land Co. warned locals “if you continue to march forward, you are going to have one giant mess on your hands”. The warning comes in retaliation after activists placed anti-warehouse sings throughout the township. And in July a local planning board meeting had to be rescheduled due to overcrowing because of the overwhelming turnout from distressed citizens. We can not let large companies like Jaindl Land Co. buy up rural parts of the country as they have been. As citizens, we have the ability to mold our community, and to stop this development!

What You Can Do: Fill out our petition to help us win this fight!


Patrick O’Connor

current events progressive

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