My Fellow Progressives are Dead Wrong About This One Thing and It Drives Me Crazy

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We’ve all seen progressives report extensively on the situation developing in Iran. We all stand together to condemn Donald Trump for his use of excessive force. He almost started a war, which only congress has the power to declare. He assassinated General Soleimani, and completely lied about an imminent attack. In fact, according to the Iraqi Prime Minister, the only reason Soleimani was in Baghdad, was to promote peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia, a claim the military industrial complex has denied.

But there’s something progressives have been missing throughout this whole ordeal. The mainstream media and many prominent progressives have been calling Donald Trump a Russian Puppet for several years! Even after the Mueller Report totally flopped, you’d still have to hear about how Trump is being controlled by the Kremlin. It just makes no sense.

Ties between Russian and Iran go all the way back to the 16th century. Today, the two nations are strong allies, both working together to fend off American Imperialism in the middle east. Iran buys the majority of its military equipment from Russia. Russia and Iran align themselves with the Syrian government against rebel insurgents. The two nations trade heavily with each other. This includes things like agricultural products, telecommunications equipment, and oil.

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It doesn’t make any sense that Donald Trump could be a Russian puppet while at the same time threaten a war with Iran. Yet, progressives talk about the situation in Iran as if it just never dawns on them that they’ve been wrong for several years straight about Russian collusion.

Particularly I’m calling out the entire Young Turks Network, The Majority Report, and The David Packman Show, along with anybody who calls themselves a progressive who pushes this nonsense. These are all programs that I like to watch as a progressive, but they’re wrong about this, dead wrong. And they’re ruining the integrity of the Progressive movement in the process.

What originally attracted me to the progressive movement was its honesty. It was the fact that lying CNN and MSNBC could lie all day long, yet I would be okay, because I had independent news that I could watch for free on Youtube.

Does it really help the movement if these progressive stalwarts can’t ever come face-to-face with the truth about Russian Collusion? For me, I started to realize how fake this story was when I started seeing all the reporting about Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. This made it clear that the MSM was going to make up any juicy story that was against Donald Trump regardless of how true it is.

This story was started by Hilary Clinton, The DNC, and the giant media conglomerates. These are enemies of the progressive movement! Don’t do their bidding by pushing this nonsense, when we just saw in full display that Trump is not a Russian Puppet, and never was. Please, let’s all go back to fighting for middle class ideas, and lay off the Alex Jones level conspiracy theories.

Chris Weber

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  1. You first mention a widespread condemnation of the president and his use of “excessive force” while circumventing congressional approval. Your outrage seems to be focused more on how the administration didn’t use the appropriate channels to commit murder instead of the fact that a foreign official was murdered. More importantly though, you claim that progressives have been pushing the narrative that Donald Trump is a Russian asset without relating that to the conflict in Iran. Although anecdotal, I have never heard any mention that the president attacked Iran BECAUSE of Russian influence. You then mention that the Mueller Report “totally flopped” but fail to acknowledge that the report never disproved any Russian interference with the election. In claiming the failure of the Mueller Report you also discount numerous social media officials publicly admitting that Russian bots had been identified and had been pushing propaganda up to, during, and after the 2016 election. Have you considered that in pulling troops out of Syria and abandoning the Kurds the White House was acting in line with Russia’s interests?
    I won’t comment on your criticisms of other progressive voices, but you go on to say that the collusion narrative had to be false because of Stormy Daniels and the coverage of her. What part of that seemed misleading? Was it her having received payments and being made to sign a non disclosure agreement? Or was it the campaign finance violations? To dismiss all the evidence (which includes the president publicly welcoming foreign interference) as a secret plot by Hillary Clinton is the most Alex Jones-ian claim of all. I would strongly advise reviewing the Mueller Report and all other credible allegations of foreign involvement before making any other milquetoast centrist claims of conspiracy.


    • Hey thanks for the comment. I can promise you, I am the most anti war person you’ll ever meet. See my article on the OPCW and Syria. The political assassination was a product of a corrupt military industrial complex, didn’t mean to minimize that. Are you saying that Trump is a Russian puppet? That’s a bold claim that hasn’t been proven. Mueller has no evidence that Trump is a Russian puppet so I don’t know how you can still claim thatwith all that we know now.


      • I think it’s shortsighted to minimize the Trump administration’s involvement with Iran as simply a failure of the military industrial complex when there are credible reports that their offensive strikes were a reaction to impeachment. But to mischaracterize my position and assume that my claim was that Trump must be a Russian puppet is inaccurate. My initial statement was that the Mueller Report showed that there was election interference from the Russian government. The report led to multiple indictments and convictions, some of which were Russian officials. So to say that the sitting president is a Russian puppet is very likely an inaccurate claim but to completely ignore the election interference, the indictments, the obstruction of justice, or the years of dependency on loans from Russian banks because of Iran is a shallow analysis.


      • So you agree trump isn’t a Russian puppet. The article was criticising people who disagree with the two of us. Half the country was completely dead wrong about something for two and a half years and I’m pointing it out. The point is, people shouldnt be so shortsighted and defend the “Trump is a Russian puppet” GARBAGE that was being pushed.


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