What the Media Wont Tell You About Incoming Secretary of State Antony Blinken

By: Chris Weber

Will the soon-to-be Secretary of State Antony Blinken carry on the United States’ long-standing tradition of committing war crimes in the middle east?

How can we take Antony Blinken seriously as Secretary of State when we know he supported military intervention in Iraq in 2003?

Blinken was a leading voice in the Obama Administration in deciding to invade Libya. Slaves are now traded on open markets in Libya because of the horrendous foreign policy carried out by Antony Blinken…… think about that.

Blinken also supported funding rebels in Syria to overthrow Assad. Unfortunately, these rebels ended up being Salafi Extremists wanting to build an Islamic caliphate. The guy has literally given taxpayer money to terrorists!!!

So much so that in 2019 congress had to pass the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, because Blinken and others in Washington are so reckless!

Can we trust that the incoming Secretary of State isn’t compromised by foreign governments?

Israel has made Blinken a very wealthy man.

After spending decades deeply entrenched in Washington Foreign Policy, Blinken founded a consulting firm called WestExec Advisors.

His biggest client was a prominent Israeli Artificial Intelligence company.

Israel has American diplomats on payroll, and Blinken is one of them. For all the ruckus about Russian interference, nobody seems to mind it when big Israeli intelligence companies line the pockets of the people in charge of American foreign policy.

Speaking fees are all the rage in Washington these days, and Blinken decided to ride that gravy train. Here’s a link to a talk he did with Goldman Sachs. https://www.goldmansachs.com/insights/talks-at-gs/tony-blinken.html

Should we give Blinken the benefit of the doubt?

No! We should assume he’s going to continue the ongoing practice of committing war crimes, UNTIL HE PROVES OTHERWISE. Antony Blinken is the disease, not the cure.








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