McClure’s Revenge, A Homage

McClure’s Revenge pays homage to one of the original and most influential muckraking publications, McClure’s Magazine. We hope to continue their work and instill the muckraking spirit in everyone. McClure’s Magazine was founded by Samuel McClure in 1893 and by 1902 it had become one of the top muckraking magazines in the United States. Its…

Think Tanks: A Danger to Democracy

In the United States the power of the people is slowly slipping away into the hands of the ultra-rich and special interest groups. As a result, political policy is guided less and less by the masses and more by the few individuals that hold the nation’s wealth. With the utilization of political think tanks, lobbyist…

The National Endowment for Democracy Promotes Anything but Democracy

The National Endowment for Democracy is widely considered to be a Non-Government Organization (NGO). The thing that makes this NGO special is that it receives most of its funding from the United States government. An organization that receives most of its $200 million dollar budget from the government shouldn’t be considered a Non-Government Organization. The…


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Who we are

We’re McClure’s Revenge. Our mission is to methodically expose the corruption rampant in America whether it’s the politicians, special interest groups, or oligarchs. We understand the issues at hand and want to do our small part to spread the truth.

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